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Increase production yields, improve safety and reduce waste and chemical emissions into the environment.

Agrochemical bottles

When exposed to solvents or other chemical substances, many plastic materials will swell, soften, elute or deform. Worse, the chemicals packaged in standard plastic bottles can slowly permeate through the packaging and escape into the environment.

EVAL™ offers very high resistance to hydrocarbons, oils and organic solvents, making them the material of choice for packaging agrochemicals and pesticides. Used either in either direct or indirect contact with the chemicals, EVAL™ offers superior resistance against swelling and deformation. 

EVAL™ barrier properties against organic solvent permeation are several thousand times better than those of standard polyolefins.  Even compared to other "barrier" plastics, it is possible to reduce the amount of materials used, even while improving performance. 

What an EVAL™ layer offers:

Typical applications Typical structure (in / out)

Chemical packaging bottles


Industrial (bottle)

Processing method:

Coextrusion blow moulding