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VIP (vacuum insulation panels)

Reduce energy use with innovative vacuum insulation panels.

Resistance to manipulation and stress-cracking with EVAL™

Gas permeation through the VIP laminate is critical for insulation efficiency, since it destroys the vacuum. The laminate must have good barrier properties, but must also be resistant to manipulation during production, installation and transport.  Stress and bending may damage the laminate, creating pinholes or stress cracks that shorten the service life of the vacuum.

In Japan, EVAL™ VIPs have been used for years in refrigerators, cold shippping boxes, rice cookers and electric kettles. Experience has proven their excellent resistance to pinhole and stress crack formation.
resistance to manipulation

This difference in resistance compared to other barrier films can be quantified through Gelbo flex testing.  The film is twisted according to a standard method, and the oxygen transmission rate is measured a certain number of flex cycles. 

Among typical plastic-based structures used for VIPs, EVAL™ films show the best flex-cracking resistance and thus most consistent long-term performance.

vip flex resistance