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Shift Technician

Gert Kluskens

NAME:          Gert KLUSKENS
FUNCTION:   Shift Technician

Joined Kuraray: 2005

I started working for Kuraray in July 2005. I almost immediately noticed that it was a very interesting work environment. You get many opportunities to make a career at Kuraray if you really prove yourself.

The first years I've learned several jobs. To do this, I've received a lot of support of my team members. During the last few years, I've had the chance to participate in a few projects (Vapro, BIC,…)  which were very educational. At the moment I'm training a SIRA student.

Because the Antwerp site is rather a small factory, there is no gap between day employees and production.

This means that you have the chance to add some ideas and to offer some solutions to several problems. In all those years I've never regretted to make the step to Kuraray.
And still I'm learning every day.