EVAL™ Processing / Blow Moulding / Coextrusion Blow Moulding in the Automotive Industry

Coextrusion Blow Moulding in the Automotive Industry

The manufacturing of multilayer plastic fuel tanks with the coextrusion blow moulding technique has considerably gained importance during the past few years. The barrier performances of EVAL™ resins enables to produce lighter tanks with low evaporative emissions. EVAL™ ensures the necessary barrier to keep the fuel components inside the tank and hence meeting the strict international fuel vapour emission regulations. EVAL™ resins are used in combination with HDPE for the mechanical resistance.

The production of multilayer plastic fuel tanks in the automotive industry is one of the most impressive applications of the coextrusion blow moulding technology.

The EVAL™ resins for coextrusion blow moulding

The coextrusion blow moulding processing technology requires an EVAL™ resin with good processing properties in combination with superior barrier properties. Both EVAL™ F101B and EVAL™ F101A are recommended grades for these applications.

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Ethylene Content





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